Testimonials & Reviews

“I have been working toward becoming a foster parent, but I found out I could not get approved because my of the layout of my house. Duy and his team helped me with my mortgage from start to finish. He helped me know how much I needed for my down payment, discussed various housing options with me and found the best possible interest rates. Duy and his team helped with every step of the mortgage process. One month after my closing date, my foster parent license was approved and I brought my first foster child into my new home. I’m so thankful for Duy and his team. Without them, I would not have been able to become a foster parent.”

“Wow!! You really went above and beyond for us. We appreciate you Duy!! Working with Duy on our refinance was an absolute delight. Not only did he get us a fantastic rate, but he made the experience extremely easy while putting us at ease throughout the process. I have worked with many different lenders and brokers in the past, even being myself at one time and would strongly recommend you give him a chance to put this important financial decision in his hands. You won’t regret it.”

“This is the first time that I have been involved in a refinance. Your knowledge and expertise made this process seamless and easy. I appreciate your ability to discuss and to answer all my questions. In addition, the rate you got us is outstanding! Much appreciated! Thanks again!”

“We’re so happy that this all worked out, it was such a smooth process. And the rate is unbelievable. You’re super good at what you do my friend. I mean I knew that, but always impressive 🙂 Thanks so much for your hard work and helping us with everything!!!”

Our experience with the U.S. Capital Group team was excellent. We initially explored refinancing with our current mortgage holder and found the process fraught with frustration and delays. We contacted U.S. Capital Group. I’m so glad we did. What a difference! The refinance was smooth, expeditious, and the interest rate was significantly lower than expected. Thank you! Their team absolutely gets a “double thumbs up” from us.